You Must Know How To Use Facebook To Extend Products(I)

Facebook is a world-renowned social networking site with over 2.1 billion live users worldwide. Brand development overseas market, using Facebook to promote is an indispensable step. So, how to use Facebook for promotion?Steel Sheet


Step 1: Open an account

It’s not hard to open a Facebook account. Imagine you are opening a microblog account and typing in the information you need to register. After landing on Facebook, you can successfully apply for an account by filling in relevant information according to the instructions on the page. After successful application, you can choose the Chinese interface.

Step 2: Edit your home page

A good home page is the first step of propaganda, filling in the appropriate information according to individual needs, and uploading the appropriate head image. Facebook’s social principles are based on real social interaction, so our Facebook avatars should be real avatars. At the same time, our Facebook marketing goal is to sell, so the best avatars are related to our products.

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