Worldwide News List For You(I)

Technology time and globalization time, we do not need to get some oversea news difficultly, merely reading through internet or watching TV, then we may get a lot of novelty news and funny information. Well, Worldwide news again provide you different perceptions about the word.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

Oversea Film in China

American DC film “Aquaman” continues to dominate Chinese box office. According to China Film News, DC comic superhero film Aquaman ranked first in mainland China box office for the second week in a row. The film, starring Jason Moya, as playing Hal Drogo in the popular TV series The Throne Game, has earned 1.3 billion yuan ($188.8 million) since its release on December 7.

The second rank is animation film of Hayao Miyazaki “My Neighbor Totoro”, which has grossed more than 89 million yuan since its release on December 14.

The Chinese comedy Cool Fish ranked third. Last week, the low-cost film, which has no A-line actors, earned about 37.3 million yuan, with a cumulative revenue of more than 781 million yuan. Indian comedy “Padman” ranked fourth, with box office revenue close to 36 million yuan since its release on December 14.

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