What is the Industrial Internet’s Real Features?(III)

Platform construction has begun to take shape

At present, Internet becomes more and more important in our daily life, the scale of industrial Internet platforms in the world in terms of quantity, volume and industry coverage is constantly expanding. galvanized steel tubing suppliers Enterprises in different fields and regions in China are also accelerating the layout of the platform, and the market is in a pattern of ”hundred schools of contention”.

According to the data analysis of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the survey and statistics of the Institute, there are now 269 industrial Internet platform products in China. Among them, the number of industrial Internet platforms with certain industrial influence has exceeded 50. At the same time, Alibaba Group in the field of consumer Internet is also testing the Internet. Liu Song, vice president of the group, believes that production can no longer win the future, and artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies can expand the service radius. From scale and standardization, to smart, personalized and customized.

At the beginning, after seeing the media’s report that ”the high-speed rail ”facelifting” domestic milling cutters were difficult to shoulder the task”, Foxconn attacked the hard-working and produced the domestic milling cutter with independent intellectual property rights. Li Junqi, chairman of Foxconn Industrial Internet Corporation, said that this incident made Foxconn realize that there are still many enterprises in the country that are in the information island, and the technology and demand are not effectively connected. Therefore, it is urgent to build an industrial Internet for more manufacturing enterprises. square steel tubing for sale Create a value ecosystem that enables information and benefit sharing on the platform.

”Currently, one of the biggest barriers facing the industrial Internet is data security. Many companies are reluctant to share data on the cloud because they are worried about data sharing and lose value.” Chen Guangqian, chairman of Beijing Yiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. A lot of corporate voices. Chen Guangqian pointed out that in order to have better and faster development of industrial big data, on the one hand, we must strive to provide a good legal environment, on the other hand, we must enhance the awareness of the government and enterprises to open up and share infrastructure and data resources. steel coil manufacturers Under the general trend of data sharing, the standard first, the mechanism to protect, the industrial Internet can play its due role.

Industrial Internet still faces many problems in its development. Xu Xiaolan, dean of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said that the urgent task of the Industrial Internet Research Institute is to unite all forces that can be united, so that the government, scientific research departments, enterprises and platforms can form a joint force to jointly explore the beneficial path of the industrial Internet if China’s development. She also revealed that this year the institute will conduct in-depth research, fully understand the current status of the industrial Internet, systematically sort out various tasks, and provide better services to the industry.

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