The Most Breathtaking Tourist Attractions in the World (II)

The sky tower

The Sky Tower is located at the junction of Victoria Street and Federal Street in downtown Auckland. The Sky Tower is a sightseeing and radio broadcast tower; the tower is 328 meters high and is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.tin plate suppliers It is the thirteenth sightseeing tower of the global independent sightseeing tower and is a member of the World Tower Alliance. The Sky Tower is capable of withstanding wind speeds of 200 km/h and earthquakes of magnitude 7 at 40 km. Even the magnitude 8 earthquake that is 20 kilometers away will not fall. Many people has experienced bungee jumping when traveling in other places. There is also a high-altitude bounce service on this sky island. So some people who like to stimulate can come to this sky tower to experience the high-altitude bounce.

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