The Famous Architectural College(II)

Learning Models

Through the dynamic learning model of Boston Institute of Architecture, students can acquire academic knowledge in the classroom and apply the knowledge to the learning of practical experience in the field.3 inch square tubing

This approach can help students connect theory with practice, and enable them to have the ability to solve these problems in the face of complex projects and design parameters in today’s globalized and diverse communities.

Variety of Courses

Boston College of Architecture offers a variety of courses, which are based on the principle of combining academia with practice. Students can obtain undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in architecture, interior design, landscape design, or design research. Boston Institute of Architecture also offers professional and adult education courses and online courses, as well as various professional certification courses, including from design to preservation of historical sites.

Good Enroll Policy

Boston Institute of Architecture will also diversify its design specialty. It achieves this goal through its open enroll policy, which enables gifted students who have no opportunity to receive these excellent design education.

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