New Education Direction In China(I)

Recently, I have read some oversea news about education new formulation in China. The State Council of China promulgated the “New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, which requires setting up courses related to Artificial Intelligence in primary and secondary schools and gradually promoting programming education. Actually not only in China programming education will be promoted, but in other countries this is also the important tend and direction of educational cultivation.

Highlighted points

Setting up courses related to AI in primary and secondary schools in China Steel Pipe

It is required to set up courses related to artificial intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary schools, support the development of artificial intelligence competitions, and encourage the creation of popular science of artificial intelligence in various forms. It means that the curriculum structure, IT teachers and hardware equipment should be adjusted.

Gradually promote programming education

Considering the State Council’s emphasis on promoting programming education, it is expected that more regions will be involved in programming subjects in college entrance examination. This requires school IT teachers to have more professional subject literacy and higher teaching ability. The “Plan” encourages social forces to participate in the development and promotion of programming teaching software and games that are fun to teach. It also requires schools to make use of external resources to fill the shortage of school resources.

Campus construction with intelligence

Develop the construction of intelligent campus and promote the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching, management and resource construction. Intelligent technology is used to speed up the reform of personnel training mode and teaching method, and build a new education system including intelligent learning and interactive learning.

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