New Business opportunity in China(II)

Another reason for eating alone is lack of time. Time-constrained workers rush to work while having breakfast at the grocery store near the subway station and bus station. More and more people choose to eat lunches at their office’s desks, delivered by takeaway companies, which means “is hungry?” in Chinese, is a popular Chinese application for online meal delivery. The company pointed out the trend of “one person, one meal” in its market research report.square steel tubing for sale

Lunch time is the peak time for takeout, and “eating lunch alone” has become the most common choice. Cooperating with, food delivery company, Pizza Hut (famous fast food restaurants chain based on Parkson) changed the menu for individual customers. The previous 9-inch pizza was the smallest, but now the smallest is 6-inch.

Harvest Festival, a Chinese catering company, also provides convenience for people who eat alone. Hungry data show that since Harvest Festival launched a meal for one person, its sales increased by 63.1% in January.

A Solitary Gourmet

In social media such as Weibo (the one of the largest blog site in China), many diners who eat alone point out that solitude should not be confused with loneliness. Weibo users ‘A closed book’ said that if a person eats alone, it does not necessarily mean that they are lonely. People can use this time to reflect on themselves and be satisfied with the way they eat. Kantar’s report says that although Chinese people are pressed for time, they are more independent and less anxious when they are alone.

Shao Jiaxiang, a restaurant owner who calls himself “Uncle Cat”, has opened Japanese food restaurants in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, he said that it is common for people who eat alone to use smart-phones. They usually order more expensive dishes or packages than group meals.

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