NBA player said “I do not feel in the UK as safe”(II)

About Enes Kanter’s status

“It is bigger than basketball, it is bigger than the NBA.” said, Kanter. He added “I’m getting more death threats, hundreds in the last few days. But I will not stop being outspoken, I want the whole world to know what is going on in Turkey.”

Enes Kanter said “I am not saying that Erdogan’s going to do an operation [against me] in London,” he told Newsbeat, “but it is more there are lots of crazy supporters of his.” You can say I’m paranoid, but I do not want to take risks.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Enes Kanter is involved in a political conflict in Turkey that has spread beyond his homeland’s borders. “My team’s security said to me: ‘If you go, you can not leave your room or do any activities for the time you’re in London.’”

He said “It is very sad,” and he added “I have not talked to my parents for a long time. I tried bringing them here but the Turkish government would not let them.” In 2017, the athlete’s father, Mehmet, was arrested in Turkey and charged with membership of a terrorist organization. Kanter suspected it was to put pressure on him.

In 2017, the Turkey government cancelled Kanter’s passport, forcing him to shorten the planned trip to Romania, and returned to the United States, where he was a permanent resident, and citizenship within two years.

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