Education For Development of Network And Website (II)

So according to Jeff Bezos statement, we will know website building technology and network development technology are very important for these giants. As a professional developers or even newbies, we have to study hard about this major if we decide to choose it, so that we may hunt the good job after graduate.

The new headquarters of Amazon will share Amazon’s promised 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in local investments, while accepting bids from cities across the country and adding 5,000 new for the “Excellence Center of Excellence” in Nashville. In return, Amazon is going to receive about $1.5 billion dollars from New York meanwhile $573 million dollars from Arlington.

The announcement marks the end of the year’s search of “H2” of Amazon. The online retail giant have already diminished the list of 238 applicants. Till now there is only 20 finalists from Boston, Chicago and Miami.galvanized square tubing suppliers

Recruitment will start from next year. Amazon says the average annual salary of these two cities is $150,000. The new headquarters is expected to bring high-paying jobs and taxes, but critics expect the value of local real estate to soar to unsustainable locations and crowded local infrastructure.


The significance of Development of network and website will show out gradually along with technological and social development. The most of countries also have already considered the cultivation of talents of network and website. So as the newbies or trainees of developers related to network and website in enterprises, you have to train own hard and improve your experience by any chance so that you may to gain the good salary as well as Amazon offer.

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