A special building “China house” in China(II)

Structure of China House

“China House” use more than 4,000 pieces of ancient porcelains, more than 400 pieces of Han Baiyu stone (one kind of Jade) carvings, more than 700 million pieces of ancient porcelain pieces, more than 13,000 ancient porcelain plates and bowls, more than 300 Porcelain Cat pillows, more than 300 stone lions of Han Baiyu, Tang and Song dynasties, more than 300 stone statues of past dynasties, more than 20 tons of crystal stone and agate. Decorate a French-style foreign building into a valuable “China house”.Steel Pipe Suppliers

More than 700 million pieces of porcelain inlaid on the “China House” covering various historical periods, including Jin Dynasty celadon, Tang tri-color, Song Dynasty Jun Porcelain, Longquan Porcelain, Yuan and Ming Dynasty blue and white, Qing Dynasty colorful porcelains and so on. Almost all kinds of official kilns and folk kilns can be found on the wall, and they are poured in cement and fixed with marble glue as part of the building.

The entrance to the tunnel of the porcelain house is a pair of very unique stone piers, which are much higher than the common piers. There are a pair of lions on the top. The stone walls on the four sides of the piers are also carved with different patterns. There are figures, trees, flowers, mountains and rivers, which form one scene after another.

Main Value

Up to 2002, more than 700 million pieces of ancient porcelains, more than 13,000 ancient porcelain bottles and more than 4,000 ancient porcelain dishes and bowls were used to decorate a French-style small building. Here we can see the chips in the kiln sites of different dynasties in China. Highlight Chinese culture and experience the charm of Chinese porcelain.

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