A Fall Through of American-style ”Invite Investment” (I)

On February 14, local time in New York, USA, Amazon said it would cancel its plan to build its corporate headquarters in Long Island City. Against the celebration of the popular gathering of Amazon’s local construction headquarters. At 11:45 on Valentine’s Day in 2019, Internet giant Amazon suddenly announced a “breakup” with New York City – its planned second headquarters will no longer choose to build in New York City.

The promoters of this marriage include New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the local real estate group. tin plate suppliers They believe that this is a “win-win” sale. Amazon promises to use a building with an area of about four Empire State Buildings to bring at least 25,000 jobs to New York City over the next 10 years, creating $27 billion in value–almost 658 empire buildings can be rebuilt at the current cost. The City of New York has offered a “blessing” of $3 billion in tax breaks. People who are not optimistic about this happy event protested the whole winter. The men and women who are tall and thin flocked to the park, the square and the Amazon offline bookstore. Amazon’s iconic smiley logo was placed in reverse, with a drooping corner and a bad expression. A song called “Get Out, Amazon” is circulated in the crowd, including a song by Bezos, dedicated “The song of Jeff Bezos” to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Only New Yorkers will complain that they have 25,000 jobs. Other cities will only think that don’t get the cheapness still sell lovely.” An American comedian joked on a TV show.

Throughout 2018, Amazon hovered between 238 US cities and selected the final destination of the second headquarters. The process of choosing an alternative city is as harsh as the Olympic bid, and endures the lengthy picking from the sea election to the final negotiation. Most of them are committed to tax breaks, policy support, freely ruling land, and city propaganda films. The pursuers expect that the presence of large companies will bring popularity, money, job opportunities and industrial turnaround. In the old story, the automobile manufacturing factory changed the Great Lakes region from a lonely village to a prosperous city. Nowadays, the God of Wealth, which is vying for the city, is a technology company. Cities in Silicon Valley are dominated by technology companies; San Francisco, with its shared economic rookies Uber and Dropbox, maintains twice the average annual salary of the nation’s technology industry; Seattle is a new home after its headquarters in Amazon.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Last October, Amazon announced that its second headquarters construction plan would be split in two parts, one in Washington and one in Long Island, New York. “City” is just a customary name, and it is actually a community in Queens, New York City. The high-rise buildings here have been intensive in recent years, with large apartment buildings and low-cost houses. Artists seeking opportunities set up studios here, and rappers are in the streets. This is the “sleeping city” of New York, which accommodates the desire and exhaustion of the city.

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